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Franchisee Onboard/Offboard form.  

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Integration with MS Teams and Outlook.

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Simplified standard tasks creation and assignment.

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Organize Tasks into various Departmental and Managerial levels.

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Role-based Access to Admin, HR, Department Admins, Reporting Manager, and task Assignees.  

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Azure Active directory 


The SharePoint powered solution helps you to manage onboarding and offboarding related tasks in a secure Microsoft environment.

Streamlined onboard and offboard process.

Eliminates paperwork and redundancy. 

Optimizes information as per your organizational practices.

Manage task categories (pre-joining, on joining, post joining).

Customization based on client’s requirement.

Offboard employees automatically after termination date, even if you miss . 

Analytics dashboard to see usage pattern of your users.

Portal keeps track of history of all the movement of any employee.

Beyond Intranet

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If you have been searching for the right tool to manage and automate end-to-end onboarding and offboarding activities in the SharePoint environment, our M365 solution is the answer   
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